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Unique by Design!

Maple Landscape & Patio

Villanova by Oaks is a unique surfaced stone that has the appearance of stamped concrete without the head ache of stamped concrete (referring to the freeze and thaw factor causing cracking and splintering)

This Old World Vintage by Fendt  is a popular choice as it is tumbled for that old country charm. It has a natural rustic charm and moderately priced.

Pisa II by Unilock is a commonly used favorite of wall stone typically used for low profile garden beds giving a bit of style and flare!

Classico by Unilock is a popular choice and very versatile when it comes to design patterns.

Comes in a great color spectrum and moderately priced!

Brick Pavers come in a large variety of styles and sizes. Therefore we now prefer to call them Stone Pavers.​

Transforming a boring old patio or deck into a place of excitement is our passion. Adding a new patio or walkway to your home will bring years of enjoyment, along with increasing your property value. 

​If you're thinking about replacing your old deck or outdated patio with an exciting outdoor space, then call the experts!

​With over 30 years of patio, retaining wall and walkway installations, we're "loaded with experience"

Ledgestone is a stackable natural limestone that fits many types of application. We love the simple look and ease of installation!

Collanade is a fun and versatile set of stones that are a common choice. They come tumbled or smooth edged. With a great color choice, they are usually a fit for many projects!

Large Ledgstone steps come together for a stable way to build height and add very attractive hardscape!

Ironwood is a simple tumbled stone that is commonly used for random designs and soldier courses. We occasionally use a contrasting stone and color for a standout soldier course along the borders.

​​​Custom Patios​ & Walls

Techno wall is a versatile wall and pillar application.

It brings high quality stability and old country charm to any backyard. Moderately priced and sure to last for many years to come. 

Brussels block is offered in a paver stone and dimensional stone for wall construction. Great looking and moderately priced.

Brussel's Block dimensional is a smooth surfaced stone with a single standard size that blends well together for pillar or wall application.

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