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Dwarf Golden Barberry bring a bit of color to your beds and are drought resistant. They contrast well with dark color mulch or stone.

Globe Boxwood are ideal for a neat and simple design. They are best when planted in partial sun and kept trimmed to maintain there size and shape.

Procumbuns Junipers are a low growing evergreen that adapt well to most soil conditions and spread out well to drape over walls and rocks.

This hardy Blackhills Spruce is an extremely hardy, drought tolerant tree. It is more compact than other Spruces and a great choice for closer to houses.

Emerald Arborvitae are a common choice for privacy hedges and property borders. They need lots of water and we suggest topping them for fuller growth.

Give this Norway Spruce plenty of room to grow, it will reach over 40' and look majestic at any place.

These Baby Blue Spruce are an excellent choice for bordering properties. They make a beautiful 
natural fence line that will give great privacy.

China Girl Holly has a blue luster foliage with a lovely red fruit in winter. It can be maintained at just about any height and makes a great hedge. Often there cuttings are used for holiday décor.

Blue Stallion Holly work well providing a cluster of glossy foliage. They are a great background evergreen that is easily trimmed.

Pyramidal Arborvitae are commonly used in a narrow bed line. They can grow above 15' and require little maintenance.

The Hemlock makes a great privacy line that will grow to about 15' tall. They are very hardy and work well in our zone. They do need abundant water and do better in partial shade.

Sea Green Junipers anchor berms and larger beds with there deep green presence. They are quick growing, hardy shrubs that can be easily trimmed.

Varigated Minuet Weigela are a fine choice for season long blooms to fill your garden beds. Low maintenance and hardy help make them feel right at home! 

Blue Star Juniper are a great addition for a low maintenance garden bed. They have a showy blue/green needle type foliage that looks great year round.

Wintergem Boxwood make a fantastic looking hedge that can be shaped in many styles. Blending in some color with Knock-out Roses lends a semi-formal look. Keeping your Roses fed throughout the season will bring full blossoms into late Fall.

P.J.M. Rhododendron are a show stopper with their bright violet blossoms in the early Springtime with golden brown foliage in the Fall season!

Nest Spruce are a favorite of ours due to their low maintenance and slow growth. They're hardy in most zones and pair well with  Azaleas or Rhododendron.

Green Giant Arborvitae are the big guys when it comes to quick growing and standing wide. Great choice for fence lines.

Hot Shot Azaleas are a fun choice for a hedge of summertime flare! Blossoming in early Summer and  have very showy bright red blooms!

This cute Austrian Pine is a compliment to any landscaping. They do grow over 25' so give it plenty of room, but they can be trimmed to any size.

 Evergreen Plants, Trees & Shrubs

Blue Spruce are a good choice for berms and centerpieces of a garden bed. Typically not as blue as the Baby Blue variety, yet still very hardy.

Dwarf Nest Spruce tend to stay on the shorter side and grow to about 1.5' wide. They are drought tolerant and fit well in tight spaces.

These beautiful Roseum Rhododendron are a show stopper. They blossom out with large showy flowers and are hardy in most zones.

From Boxwoods, Yews, Azaleas and Rhododendron to Spruce, Pines, Junipers and Arbs we use the finest looking nursery stock available. Planting the best from the beginning is a what we do. We offer a two year guarantee on our nursery stock, unlike most other companies with a typical one year.

A Beautiful yard starts with your call to Maple Landscape & Patio! 

​Dense Yews give a well groomed formal appearance and are easily shaped. They are a great foundation evergreen in a hedge form or separated.