Japanese Maples are fantastic for anchoring a corner bed or island bed application. Showy Crimson color provides contrast throughout the Summer and Fall seasons.

Green Giant Arborvitae are the big guys when it comes to quick growing and standing wide. Great choice for fence lines.

These newly planted Emerald Queen Maples tower above some well defined beds. A mix of Coral Carpet Roses along with Astilbe brings some fresh season color.

Simple and clean are the Globe Boxwood mixed with some Hosta and Prince William. Add some Yews up by the house and this is a recipe for low maintenance landscaping.

Knock-out Roses show off this island with some Hicks Yews in the background. The Kousa Dogwood towers over the perennials in mid-Summer. Natural and flowing is theme of this simple design.

Bringing some Springtime color are the deep pink Azaleas. Anchoring the bed is a Snowburst Crab along with a Mohican Viburnum and some Rhododendron.

Forever Summer Hydrangia have a peaceful presence in any flower bed. Best when planted in partial shade. These guys are alongside some Blue Rug Juniper.

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Tree and shrub pruning - Shrub trimming - Beds spruce up - Bed edging

Perennial bed management - Annual flower installation - Weeding

Premium mulch installation - Transplanting - Plant and shrub fertilizing 

Master garden design - Native plant restoration - Landscape fabric installed

(not a lawn mowing service)

A few Knock-out Roses keep the color coming as mid Summer arrives. A hedge row of Green Luster Boxwood  makes a transition between the boulders and the paver stones of this raised patio.

Sea Green Junipers anchor this berm along with Limestone slabs. Dwarf Halo Red Stem Dogwood bring a softer touch alongside some Hosta that are just starting to pop-up.

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​Springtime Landscaping!

Blue Stallion Holly make a great natural looking back ground to allow for lower perennials in front.

Tucking in a few small evergreens balances the plantings.

The shapely Laceleaf Japanese Maple is just coming out along with some cold weather pansies to bring early Springtime color. Dwarf Alberta Spruce up by the entrance makes a regal statement.

Limelight Hydrangeas are a fresh bit of color all summer long. These beauties perform well in this backyard with partial shade. 

With a couple Norway Spruce and a Blue Spruce in the middle this will grow in nicely to provide the privacy that is intended. The Knock-out Roses and Weigela bring some color to the berm along with a splash of perennials.

This bed of Daylilies' and Mums show a cluster of fall color. With a splash of Minuet Weigela on the right side balances it out nicely.

Flagstone wallstone has a natural appearance and frame in this perennial bed perfectly. The Clump River Birch gives just the right amount of shade to keep everyone cool.

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The Hydrangia tree toward the right side of this bed helps to bring color along with verigated leaf of the Moonshadow Euonymous. Adding some height toward the back is a European Hornbeam. To the left a Dwarf Conifer with a Pyrimidal Holly to anchor the back.

Laceleaf Jananese Maples are a common specimen tree used mostly as a centerpiece.

They give a semi-formal look when trimmed properly. This one enjoys hovering over it's perennial neighbors as the summer days heat up!

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