Forever Summer Hydrangeas are a blast of seasonal color that show off any landscaping.

They're blossoming until late Fall and continue to "wow" any audience!

Here are some favorite perennials to bring an                  "Explosion of Color"

          to your landscaping beds! 

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Zebra Hollyhocks are perennials that bloom all summer long. They are easy to grow, self seed, are drought tolerant, also attract butterflies. They grow in sun to part shade and get 2-4' tall. Great for perennial beds, cottage gardens, borders, and rock gardens. 

Weeping Norway Spruce are a colorful dwarf evergreen that are different and one of those unique trees that are a popular choice.

Dwarf Velvet Spike grass, blends a ton of brilliance intorock garden. 

Add to borders or as a neighbor to your favorite low profile Evergreens and "wow" 

​your neighbors!

Laceleaf Jananese Maples are a common specimen tree used mostly as a centerpiece.

They give a semi-formal look when trimmed properly. This one enjoys hovering over it's perennial neighbors as the summer days heat up!

Globe Boxwood are ideal for a neat and simple design. They are best when planted in partial sun and kept trimmed to maintain there size and shape.

The Locust tree is a commonly planted near fences and borders of properties. They are a quick growing tree that has small leaves. If planting a Locust, plan on lots of clean up due to prolific small leaves.

One of our favorite perennials is Prince William they grow to 8"and have a very full cluster of white blossoms that are simply gorgeous!

​​A great landscaping plan is one that everyone can make use of. There are many different home landscaping ideas and most of them are pretty good. But to find the one that is right for you and that's just what your yard needs, will take some professional advice.

We specialize in beautiful landscaping that brings out the natural expressions of a property.

With our wholesale connections to the best nursery​ and landscape supply yards in Michigan

we're able to select the finest looking plants, trees, shrubs and hardscape materials and then pass the savings on to you!

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​Springtime outdoor


P.J.M. Rhododendron are a show stopper with their bright violet blossoms in the early Springtime with golden brown foliage in the Fall season!

Dwarf Conifers are an excellent choice for a slow growing, showy Evergreen that will anchor any large or small garden bed!

Nest Spruce are a favorite of ours due to their low maintenance and slow growth. They're hardy in most zones and pair well with  Azaleas or Rhododendron.

Liatris spicata also known as Blazing Star is a beautiful purple perennial. Its grass like foliage and tall blooming spikes attract butterflies, birds and bees. Liatris is a great cut flower and is deer resistant. Plant with Bee Balm and Black Eyed Susan’s for a vibrant garden.

Foxglove is a perfect perennial to anker the background for shorter plants and flowers. Growing between 12"-18" they are sure to add luster!

Dwarf Halo Red Stem Dogwood give a softer look to any application. They have a variegated leaf and stay on the shorter side at max. height of 2.5'

Hynocki Cypress have an unusual softer look. They are very slow growing and look great when used as a centerpiece with lots of colorful perennials.

A common  choice for filling any garden bed are Hosta.

​They come in a varigated leaf variety that are most popular.

Try adding them along borders with your annuals for a summer after summer low maintenance landscape!

A Week in the life of a Gardener's Spouse !


She dug the plot on Monday, the soil was rich and fine, But she forgot to put the dinner on, so out we went to dine.

She planted roses Tuesday, she says they are a must. They really were quite lovely, but she forgot to dust.

On Wednesday it was daisies they opened with the sun, All pinks and whites and yellows, but the laundry wasn't done.

The poppies came on Thursday all bright and cherry red, I guess she really was engrossed, she never made the bed.

It was violets here on Friday in colors she adores, It never bothered her at all, the dirt upon our floors.

Saturday I hired a maid, I'd not admit defeat, She can garden all she wants now and the house will still be neat.

It's nearly lunchtime Sunday and I cannot find the maid, Oh I don't believe it. She's out there alongside my wife with her own spade!

Plant & Bed maintenance


Dwarf Globe Spruce blend into any landscaping to give a cheerful centerpiece appearance and are very low maintenance with a slow growth rate.


Tree and shrub pruning - Shrub trimming - Beds spruce up - Bed edging

Perennial bed management - Annual flower installation - Weeding

Premium mulch installation - Transplanting - Plant and shrub fertilizing 

Master garden design - Native plant restoration - Landscape fabric installed

(not a lawn mowing service)

Sculptured Pines are a fun and majestic slow growing tree. Ther're an uncommon ornamental that are very showy and one of our favorites!

Varigated Minuet Weigela are a fine choice for season long blooms to fill your garden beds. Low maintenance and hardy help make them feel right at home! 

Blue Star Juniper are a great addition for a low maintenance garden bed. They have a showy blue/green needle type foliage that looks great year round.

Evergreen Ornamentals

Enjoy the shade of a Emerald Queen Maple in the hot days of Summer. Keep it well watered and it will grow to 40'. These great looking trees turn a gorgeous harvest gold in the Autumn for a spectacular show!

Lavender is the perfect center piece to any small garden bed. Attracts Butterflies' and Hummingbirds.

Give your landscaping a bit of natures best with this hardy perennial that smells great!

The Bradford Pear is a non-fruit produer that is perfect for narrow areas. This beauty grows upright to about 35' and requires little maintenance.

China Girl Holly has a blue luster foliage with a lovely red fruit in winter. It can be maintained at just about any height and makes a great hedge. Often there cuttings are used for holiday décor.

Try growing astilbe for beautiful, showy flowers that do well in a shady area. This perennial has feathery flowers and fern like foliage. One of our favorite and commonly used.

Sky Rocket Junipers are a hardy choice  and make a great alterative to using Arborvitae as a tall hedge for privacy. They have a unique color and require little, if any maintenance!

Hot Shot Azaleas are a fun choice for a hedge of summertime flare! Blossoming in early Summer and very showy bright red blooms!

This very showy blend of Butterfly Bush, Iris, Hydrangia, Hosta, Poppies, with some annuals give a spectacular performance of color to brighten ones day!

Unique  by Design!

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Hibiscus also known as Rose of Sharon start to show there beauty in the early Autumn season. They blossom out with large showy flowers and are hardy in most zones.

Let's hear it for the "Pom Pom Juniper" this is a fantastic specimen to add to your landscaping for the unique expression you're looking for!

Keep it trimmed and it will "cheer" all year round!

Deciduous Trees

Lilac trees are a terrific looking tree. They show off plentiful blossoms in late Springtime.

Look for prolific flowers that continue to "wow"

Evergreens & Deciduous plants​​

Wintergem Boxwood make a fantastic looking hedge that can be shaped in many styles. Blending in some color with Knock-out Roses lends a semi-formal look. Keeping your Roses fed throughout the season will bring full blossoms into late Fall.

These Whitespire Birch are a fantastic addition to any landscaping. They grow quickly and can be managed at just about any height. These guys take pride in their showy white bark!

Mahona is a showy bit of pink soft brilliance. It's hardy and grows to about 10" tall. This southwest native will brighten your beds a bit of southern charm.