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Unique by Design!

Low profile pathway lights touch on the walkway and some foliage.

Up lights focus on the foliage and trunk of this clump tree.


Soldier course pathway lighting is very inviting as guests come over to visit!

Maple Landscape & Patio

Coach lamp style pathway and garden lighting has become a popular choice over the years!

These 20 watt step lights make it easy to find your way up or down the stairs.

Wall lights are a fun way to show off brick or stone at any home.

50 watt up lights brighten things up on this tree when nighttime arrives.

The spot lights bring a bit of ambiance to this berm as dusk arrives.

Installing a low voltage lighting package brings out a bit of Nightscaping to your landscaping! Choosing path lights, up lighting, wall or spot lights makes great sense. They cost very little to operate and add both beauty and security to any property.

​We can design a landscape lighting package that fits your home perfectly and shows off your landscaping at night!