Sky Rocket Junipers are a hardy choice  and make a great alterative to using Arborvitae as a tall hedge for privacy. They have a unique color and little maintenance if any.

Hynocki Cypress have an unusual softer look. They are very slow growing and look great when used as a centerpiece with lots of colorful perennials.

Weeping Norway Spruce are a colorful dwarf evergreen that are different and one of those unique trees that are a popular choice.

Lilac Trees offer lots of beautiful blossoms for a quick showing, they last only a few weeks but are stunning. The foliage is full after the blossoms and looks great into the Autumn season.


‚Äč      Evergreens and Flowering

Dwarf Globe Spruce blend into any landscaping to give a cheerful centerpiece appearance and are very low maintenance with a slow growth rate.

Dwarf Conifers are an excellent choice for a slow growing, showy Evergreen that will anchor any large or small garden bed!

Boulevard Cypress are a fun and majestic slow growing tree. They're an uncommon ornamental that are very showy and one of our favorites!

Let's hear it for the "Pom Pom Juniper" this is a fantastic specimen to add to your landscaping for the unique expression you're looking for!
Keep it trimmed and it will "cheer" all year round!