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Unique by Design!

Maple Landscape & Patio

Sky Rocket Junipers are a hardy choice  and make a great alterative to using Arborvitae as a tall hedge for privacy. They have a unique color and little maintenance if any.

Hynocki Cypress have an unusual softer look. They are very slow growing and look great when used as a centerpiece with lots of colorful perennials.

Weeping Norway Spruce are a colorful dwarf evergreen that are different and one of those unique trees that are a popular choice.

Lilac Trees offer lots of beautiful blossoms for a quick showing, they last only a few weeks but are stunning. The foliage is full after the blossoms and looks great into the Autumn season.


​      Evergreens and Flowering

Dwarf Globe Spruce blend into any landscaping to give a cheerful centerpiece appearance and are very low maintenance with a slow growth rate.

Dwarf Conifers are an excellent choice for a slow growing, showy Evergreen that will anchor any large or small garden bed!

Boulevard Cypress are a fun and majestic slow growing tree. They're an uncommon ornamental that are very showy and one of our favorites!

Let's hear it for the "Pom Pom Juniper" this is a fantastic specimen to add to your landscaping for the unique expression you're looking for!
Keep it trimmed and it will "cheer" all year round!