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Maple Landscape & Patio

Laceleaf Jananese Maples are a common specimen tree used mostly as a centerpiece.
They give a semi-formal look when trimmed properly. This one enjoys hovering over it's perennial neighbors as the summer days heat up!

Enjoy the shade of a Emerald Queen Maple in the hot days of Summer. Keep it well watered and it will grow to 40'. These great looking trees turn a gorgeous harvest gold in the Autumn for a spectacular show!

This Weeping Mulberry is a fun and shapely specimen. It stays compact and full of glossy large leaves. No blossoms but also looks great in Winter with lots of branches. One of our favorites!

A common choice is this Weeping Cherry, they are full of blossoms in late Springtime and then dense with foliage turning crimson in Fall.

The Bradford Pear is a non-fruit produer that is perfect for narrow areas. This beauty grows upright to about 35' and requires little maintenance.

Lilac trees are a terrific looking tree. They show off plentiful blossoms in late Springtime.
Look for prolific flowers that continue to "wow"

These Whitespire Birch are a fantastic addition to any landscaping. They grow quickly and can be managed at just about any height. These guys take pride in their showy white bark!

The Hydrangia Tree is unique and brings some huge white blossoms to the space. These trees continue to blossom with regular fertilizing and look fantastic!

 Shade & Flowering Trees 

Princess Cherokee Dogwood are a great choice for a blast of early Summer color.
They stay on the shorter side and are easily trimmed to adapt to most garden beds.

This Royal Crabapple is a dwarf veriety and the perfect specimen for tight areas. It shows abundant blossoms for a few weeks in early springtime and is a compact form.

Japanese Maples are fantastic for anchoring a corner bed or island bed application. Showy Crimson color provides contrast throughout the Summer and Fall seasons.

This Eastern Redbud gives a spectacular
show of prolific pinkish/purple blossoms and brings an unique look to any property! 

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Planting trees adds great value to your homes landscaping. Trees bring shade and color to every yard. In our opinion most homes should have at least 3-7 trees. Give us a call and lets talk trees!

Are You looking to bring some beautiful Fall color to your yard? The majestic Red Maple is a fast growing hardy tree that shows spectacularly!

What a gorgeous Magnolia! This beauty shows its pinkish/white blossoms in early Summer and then fills in with glossy green foliage. Expect about 15'

of height and 8' wide.