Unique by Design!

Maple Landscape & Patio

Wexford by Oaks is a versatile paver stone that works well in a herringbone pattern due to its elongated design.

Flagstone is a common old fashioned way to create a natural walkway. It comes in many sizes and easily shaped to fit together as a puzzle. We don't recommend this material for high traffic areas.

Blue stone is a smooth surfaced slate type of material usually harvested from the east coast region. It comes in a variety of thickness and sizes to mesh well together, Typically we use a grout like material to fill the crevices

Collanade By Oaks is one of the more popular paver stones used for a natural look.

A beautiful walkway adds so much to the first impressions as guests walk up to your front door. The walkway in many times frames in landscaping beds defining curves and angles. We design and install walkways made of Paver Stones, Blue Stone, Flagstone and Slate. Lets imagine, design and install the custom walkway that will add the pizazz and curb appeal that your landscaping needs!

 Holland Series is a slightly textured Euro style stone used to create that old country look with a touch of modern multi shape patterns!

 Realto by Oaks is a modern slate style stone with a natural appearance. It comes in about 4 or 5 sizes that blend well when coupled together.

Flagstone lends itself to a very natural look with a cottage type feel. It comes in random shapes that are blended together to give a smooth surface with ununiformed gapping! 

Walkways and Porch Aprons

Brussels Block by Unilock is a fantastic choice for driveways and walkways. It is slightly thicker than some stone and will handle extra heavy loads. 

Flagstone outcroppings are larger pieces that form a natural looking pathway. They are set with sharp sand and remain stable for years to come.

Romanesque by Oaks is more contemporary in a simple way. Adding lights brings out the perfect
ambiance when dusk starts to settle in!

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